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Make your rides comfortable and smooth with GazMin Motors

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

It is predicted that motorcycles will become the first transportation choice for those industries who want to stay ahead in the market. We, at GazMin Motors, are here to fulfill this wish of yours with our ultra-reliable motorcycle services.

How can motorbikes help your business function easily?

If you run a delivery business, like all businesses that involve delivery, you need bikes that can run for long hours without causing any difficulty. By collaborating with GazMin Motors, you will be able to improve the uptime of client bikes while giving fleets used for last-mile deliveries timely and effective service support.

As a business owner, you have no time to lose. With competition on the rise, even startups are turning into billion-dollar companies. So, why not take full advantage of our motorbike services today?

Let us explain to you why.

Why do leading business firms trust GazMin Motors?

At GazMin Motors, we offer the following services to all of our esteemed customers to make their experience easier throughout the purchasing process, after-sales, or even to gather information that might be beneficial for a future purchase of your motorcycle:

  1. Services: connections to service locations where clients can schedule routine maintenance.

  2. Customization: making motorcycles and accessories to the specifications of the customer.

  3. On-Time Delivery: motorcycles and accessories are set up on time.

  4. Delivery: In some places, delivery is free.

  5. Financial flexibility: options for financing include flexible payment plans and consultation services for financing.

  6. Support: post-purchase assistance is also happily provided to our customers.

What makes GazMin Motors unique?

First, let us take a look at the unique features of our powerful motorcycles:

1) Equipped with the Huaihai 150CC engine, the powerful single-cylinder air-cooled four-stroke high-efficiency, environment-friendly engine effectively improves the acceleration ability, climbing performance, and good durability.

  • Maximum power and corresponding speed kW/(r/min) 8.2/8500 (Kw/r/min)

  • Maximum torque and corresponding speed N · m/(r/min) 9.8/7000 (N.m/r/min)

2) The Golden Triangle Sitting Posture is known for its scientific riding posture that it provides to its rider. Regardless of challenges on the way, always march forward proudly.

3) In addition, it comes with features such as that of the vertical telescopic sleeve hydraulic front shock absorber that can handle most road conditions.

4) High elastic breathable cushion technology is breathable and elastic, so you won’t be tired after a long ride.

5) Tires and rims: aluminum wheels with 18-inch anti-skid vacuum tyres ensure better road accessibility.

6) Lengthened muffler with an anti-scalding muffler design to better reduce engine noise.

7) Super bright headlights have a long range, making driving safer at night.

8) The mechanical pointer instrument increases driving interest by providing complete driving information at a glance.

9) The personalized rear tail lamp makes driving at night safer and more fun!

10) Equipped with a large 14L fuel tank, fuel consumption is about 2.5L/100KM.

11) Controls with a handle shape for direction, left and right combination switches, a logical key layout, a smooth surface, and ease of use are all desirable.


Are you tired of trusting those service providers whose bikes can’t work for a long duration of time? Now it’s time to put an end to these worries. GazMin Motors promises only fantastic benefits to their clients.

We know that for you, your business comes first!

Contact us today for more information

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